New Life at Woodlupine Brook

22 January 2022 2:00 PM

The City, with support from the Water Corporation, is commencing a fantastic new project upgrading Woodlupine Brook in Forrestfield between Strelitzia and the Woolworths Drive bridge.

Construction is due to commence March-April 2022. The project will restore 300 metres of the Woodlupine Brook Ecological corridor into a functioning ecosystem including a biodiverse, babbling living stream.

In the past many natural streams were converted to open drains and carried polluted water, and sediment to our receiving water bodies such as the Swan Estuary.  They were often ugly and hazardous with steep banks, which meant they had to be fenced from public access. 

In recent years, due to recognition of the beneficial effect that streams have on water quality and the urban landscape, many drains have been restored to become living streams.

Mayor Margaret Thomas said, “The City of Kalamunda has been working with passionate members of the local Friends of Woodlupine Group and the Water Corporation over a number of years to bring this project to fruition.”

“I would like to thank all of the volunteers for their enthusiasm and assistance over the years in replanting areas surrounding Woodlupine, I am looking forward to seeing this vital piece of work completed. It will ensure we have quality public space for all to enjoy the brook,, whilst increasing the health of the stream and reducing erosion issues.”

“This is stage one of improvements, with a second stage also planned.”

“Woodlupine Brook runs right through the heart of Forrestfield, You can pop into the local Woodupine Family and Community Centre, and enjoy the seating areas, bird watching and enjoying the natural environment.”

“I encourage people to take a look over the coming months, stop ad enjoy the fresh air and nature next time you are heading to the local shops – and watch as we transform the area into a vibrant living stream.”

The wider project will also deliver improved storm water management, endemic planting and public realm, along with future proofing for flood.

Find more information via our projects section or alternatively, please contact the City on (08) 9257 9999 during office hours or email for assistance. 

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