Mountain biking – Riders Commended for Staying on the trails

22 January 2022 1:15 PM

The City provides a range of quality cycling, mountain biking and walk trails that cater for all levels of experience and which currently remain open to the community. The Kalamunda Trails area is one of the most popular mountain biking destinations in WA, with over 40km of fully signed tracks and located in scenic National Parks and State Forests.

Mayor Margaret Thomas thanked riders for doing the right thing. “A majority of riders are out there enjoying the variety of new and existing trails in the City of Kalamunda. The authorised trails along Kalamunda to Pickering Brook, and also those operated as a part of the Kalamunda Mountain Bike Circuit are very popular – which is great to see.”

“Riding authorised trails helps to ensure bushland is protected and minimises the spread of diseases such as dieback.”

“We have more than 30 amazing mountain trails for all skill levels. By riding authorised trails it ensures that we can protect the environment whilst also having world class trails that are cared and maintained for the community to enjoy. It is a win-win.”

“We are working to ensure that there are accessible facilities throughout the City.”

Illegal dumping and building of bike jumps in local reserves continue to pop up from time to time and whilst seen to be having fun, this activity can spread dieback and impact threatened ecological communities.

“The City has no choice but to remove illegal bike jumps and any associated material from reserves to reduce the impact these structures on the environment and also to protect the community.”

“The natural vegetation in the City of Kalamunda is rare and highly valued both by human residents and the many plants and animals that require the remnant bushland for their long-term survival.  Soil movement increases the risk of spreading dieback in our Jarrah trees and other plants and has a negative impact on dormant wildflowers, such as orchids. We encourage those interested to contact us and find out more about where to ride, along with learning about their local reserves, and perhaps even consider helping out to manage it as a part of our Friends Group program.”

“The local community is asked to protect our native landscape by keeping to marked tracks, avoiding fenced areas, refraining from disturbing the natural landscape and reporting damage.”

In regards to illegal dumping the City stressed the importance of utilising the services available. The Walliston Transfer Station is available for rubbish disposal. City of Kalamunda residents do not pay fees for the non-commercial use of the Walliston Transfer Station. To gain free access, please ensure you bring your Entry Pass and your proof of residency (e.g. Driver’s licence). Access is unlimited for green waste, with four general waste visits a year.

The City also provides free skip bins on-request to residents, for the collection of green waste and general household waste. As, always, people can contact the City on (08) 9257 9999, email or check our Sorting Your Waste section for assistance with their options. 

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