Have your Say on Climate Change

04 November 2021 4:00 PM

With Political Leaders from across the Globe at the United National Climate Change Conference on this week in Glasgow, the City of Kalamunda is urging locals to put forward their views on the issue of climate change and how we can tackle it locally.

The City of Kalamunda signed the Western Australia Local Government Association’s Climate Change Declaration earlier in 2021, and is now calling on community to help to develop a Climate Change Action Plan.

Mayor Margaret Thomas said the declaration acts as a supporting framework to the City’s existing and planned environmental initiatives and help fine tune our focus areas.

“With the United nations Climate Change Conference on this week the focus is on taking action – and we all know that action starts at a local level. We can all do our bit.”

“The City of Kalamunda is actively pursuing a Climate Change Action Plan to address risk to the environment, economy, infrastructure, and community health, safety and wellbeing in the City of Kalamunda, brought on by Climate Change.”

“The City is seeking feedback to understand the community’s position on Climate Change and to identify actions needed to address risk to your environment, economy, infrastructure, and community health, safety and wellbeing.”

The feedback will be used to inform the development of a new Climate Change Action Plan.

Climate change is having local impacts upon our community notably in matters of extreme weather events, a drying climate and its impacts upon water supply and vegetation and an overall increase in average temperatures which impact the very young and our elderly.

Have Your Say!

Find more information about this Climate Change Declaration and provide feedback via https://engage.kalamunda.wa.gov.au/climatechangeaction
Alternative to the online survey, 1hard copies of the survey are available at the City of Kalamunda’s Administration and Libraries. Written submissions can be provided via:

In Person: City of Kalamunda, 2 Railway Road, Kalamunda
Email: enquiries@kalamunda.wa.gov.au
Post: PO Box 42, Kalamunda WA 6926

Feedback extended to 2 December 2021, 9.00pm [Edited date]

For any further information, please contact the City of Kalamunda via telephone on (08) 9257 9999 during office hours.

1 Print and interactive document versions are available for download from the City's Engagement Portal

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