Fire Hazard Reduction Notice Reminder

01 September 2021 2:00 PM

It’s time to reduce fire hazards across your property. Have you received your Fire Hazard Reduction Notice yet? Are you ready? Would you like our team to come visit your property to answer any questions about the Fire Hazard Reduction Notice?

The works outlined in this annual notice must be completed by 1 November and be maintained up to and including 31 March. The City’s Fire Control Officers will commence fire hazard assessments across all areas within the City. 

If you consider, for any reason, that it is impractical to meet the requirements as per the current Notice, you may submit a variation request for authorisation to employ other methods of fire prevention on your land.  Variation requests should be received no later than 1 October.
Find out more here about variations here.

Note: A variation is not an exemption but an application to employ other methods of property preparedness to land that you own and/or occupy.

Can't Find your Notice?

If you can't find the Fire Hazard Reduction Notice sent, you are able to check you have completed and comply with all the requirements under the current Fire Hazard Reduction Notice online via:

Need More Information?

Please contact the City of Kalamunda via:
 (08) 9257 9999
In Person: 
2 Railway Road Kalamunda 


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