City To Re-open Zig Zag Scenic Drive to Vehicles During Day from 1 July

14 May 2021 1:15 PM

The City of Kalamunda will reopen the Zig Zag Scenic Drive in Gooseberry Hill during the day from 1 July 2021 for a 12-month trial.

The City was aware of the issues facing the community when the road was open all of the time and has completed a trial of having the road closed to vehicles which provided great information regarding what changes occurred.

At the April Ordinary Council Meeting, Council endorsed the City’s recommendation to re-open the one-way road from 11am to early evening each day to better understand the situation.

The City had been forced to close the site, following ongoing antisocial behaviour, honing and other illegal acts – particularly in the evening, in 2020.

Explaining Council’s decision, Mayor Margaret Thomas said following extensive community consultation about the Zig Zag Scenic Drive’s future and a significant period where the road had been closed to vehicles, there is a good understanding of the impacts of the one-way road being always closed and being always open to vehicles.

“What the City doesn’t have is any data reflecting outcomes from a scenario where the road is open to vehicles during the day and closed at night,” Cr Thomas said. “In essence, this trial will deliver the missing piece of the puzzle so we can make a final determination about the best option for the local community and visitors.”

“The success of the trail will depend on the behaviour of those who wish to visit the site. It’s a timely reminder that we all need to do the right thing. I call on community members to heed this advice.”

“We have also held discussions with the Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions, along with support from the State member, to explore concepts to upgrade the amenity at Gooseberry Hill national park, with discussions regarding potential for boardwalks and viewing platforms to enjoy the pristine natural environment that surrounds the site.

Throughout the trial, gates will be opened to vehicles at 11am each day and security will close the gates each evening. They will then drive the Zig Zag to direct people out before locking the exit gate.

Early mornings will be reserved for pedestrians and people wishing to access the Zig Zag for exercise such as running and cycling, which has been highlight valued by the community during the temporary closure.  The City will monitor vehicle activity and user behaviour across the 12-month trial and provide a report to Council detailing its findings.

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