Local Businesses get ready to accept ‘Kala Cash’

30 November 2020 12:42 PM

More than 60 local businesses have registered to accept ‘Kala Cash’ gift cards, an EFTPOS based gift card program, launched this week in the City of Kalamunda. Businesses throughout the City have jumped on board this buy local initiative funded and established through a partnership developed between Community Bank Forrestfield and High Wycombe Bendigo Bank and the City of Kalamunda, in response to effects of COVID 19 on local business.

Local business owner Sara Colombini from The Clip Joint in Kalamunda said, “This is a fantastic initiative to support local businesses in our community and encourage residents to shop local. The program is so easy to be part and will benefit many local businesses”.

‘Kala Cash’ is based on a highly successful local gift card program initiated in regional NSW and is the first to be rolled out in WA.

Mayor Margaret Thomas said, “Shopping local provides better opportunities for face-to-face customer service experiences, supports bespoke local goods, creates jobs and keeps wealth and skills where we live, love and play.”

 “With 4,375 local businesses (ABS, 2019) in the City, across sectors from retail to accommodation, to arts to technical services, these cards are certain to be popular across the whole community.”

‘Kala Cash’ gift cards can be purchased from various registered businesses throughout the City of Kalamunda. Cards can be ‘loaded’ with any amount between $10 to $1,000 and redeemed at registered businesses until the card has no funds remaining. A full list of businesses can be found on the ‘Kala Cash’ webpage at www.kalamunda.wa.gov.au/kalacash. New Business can also register. 

Mayor Thomas was the first to purchase a ‘Kala Cash’ gift card

Phil Mutter, Chairman of Community Bank Forrestfield & High Wycombe Bendigo Bank, and owner of newsagency Nextra Paper Place in Forrestfield says, “The purpose of the Community Bank business model is to prosper the communities in which we serve, not prosper off them. To date our branches have invested nearly $2.5 million dollars into supporting our local community and we are thrilled to have the City of Kalamunda partner with us in delivering this program to support local business”

Mr Mutter has registered his business as a ‘Load Up’ and ‘Redemption’ store.

“Gift cards are a popular choice when buying gifts – especially at Christmas time. The ‘Kala Cash’ gift card will not only support local businesses in our community however make someone very happy will the variety of places they can spend their ‘Kala Cash.’” said Mr Mutter.

Mayor Thomas was the first to purchase a ‘Kala Cash’ gift card and encourages the local community to get behind this fantastic initiative and ‘Gift it Local’ this Christmas.

More Information

For more information please contact the City of Kalamunda on (08) 9257 9999, Community Bank Forrestfield Bendigo Bank on (08) 9359 0711, email enquiries@kalamunda.wa.gov.au or visit kalamunda.wa.gov.au/kalacash


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