City of Kalamunda Embraces Innovation in Environmental Education

25 May 2020 1:00 PM

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic the City of Kalamunda has moved fast to replace face-to-face environmental education workshops with a series of online engagement opportunities.

Short 3-5min videos are being produced to cover a range of topics essential for environmental volunteers across the region to learn about local native animals, Noongar Culture, site preparation, invasive weeds and native bees.

Mayor Margaret Thomas said, “It is just one of the many ways the City has diversified its services across areas of high importance to our community. I am incredibly proud of the team.”

Highlighting the importance of volunteers to the management of bushland across the city, local Friends Groups showcase what it is like to be a friends Group member and how to join in with other volunteers to make a difference.

Gardening and sustainability expert Chris Ferreira focuses in on the importance of good site preparation and planning for revegetation, while also shining the spotlight on some of the most problematic weeds in the region.

Respected Noongar Elder Uncle Neville Collard helps viewers understand the importance of acknowledging Country when working on Noongar boodjar, as well as exploring the role the six Noongar seasons plays in helping people understand the natural cycles of the southwest of Western Australia.

Kanyana Wildlife and Rehabilitation Centre help everyone understand the importance of local wildlife such as Black cockatoos (Kaarak), Tawny frog-mouths and Brush-tailed possums (Koomal), while focussing in on two special animals found around the City of Kalamunda, the Echidna (Ningarn) and bobtail and shingleback lizards (Yoorna).

Wildlife ecologist team Mike and Mandy Bamford provide insight on what reptiles can be found in suburban backyards, and how to provide habitat for them to thrive. While well-known bee researcher Kit Prendegast provides a masterclass on the diversity of local native bees, what plants to grow to encourage them and how to build native bee hotels to support them into the future.

The City has also held a number of online workshops and had a significant increase in environmental education content on all of its social media platforms, as well as hosting our plants for residents program with an online order form and click and collect pick up.

Find out more about the City’s Friends Group program here. To watch the new videos head to the City’s You Tube page or call the Environmental Services Team on (08) 9257 9809.

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