Vehicle limits at Walliston Transfer Station during COVID-19 pandemic

07 April 2020 3:20 PM

The City of Kalamunda has announced new limits to the number of vehicles permitted at Walliston Transfer Station at one time.

Mayor Margaret Thomas said the limits to the number of cars would be permitted on site at any one time. “Staff are limiting access at Walliston Transfer is to help the community maintain social distancing.”

Mayor Thomas said limiting social contact meant the City could maintain essential waste removal. “Effective waste management is crucial to public health, and we can all play a part in keeping it functioning during the coronavirus pandemic. This means keeping 1.5 metres apart and washing your hands after being in public places.”

“It is as close to business as usual as we can make it, however during busy periods once each waste station has cars in bays unloading new visitors will be queue outside the facility in the vehicles and then allowed in as people finish. It is only a small change to operation, and at quieter times residents will not even notice the difference. However it is an important change, and we encourage all ratepayers to be mindful of this and respectful to the inconvenience. We all need to care for each other at this time.”

City of Kalamunda residents do not pay fees for the non-commercial use of the Walliston Transfer Station.  To gain free access, please ensure you bring your Entry Pass and your proof of residency (e.g. Driver’s licence)

The transfer station is located at 155 Lawnbrook Road, Walliston

OPEN: Thursday, Saturday & Sunday:  8.00am - 3.30pm, Friday:  8.00am - 2.30pm
CLOSED:  Monday - Wednesday, Public Holidays, Total Fire Ban declared

Find all Walliston Transfer Station information here or alternatively, please contact the City of Kalamunda on 9257 9999, email

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