Restricted burn period proceeds with COVID-19 measures

01 April 2020 5:30 PM

The City of Kalamunda announced the annual restricted burning period will open as usual between 1 April to 31 May, with special COVID-19 measures in place to protect City staff and the community.

City of Kalamunda CEO Rhonda Hardy said state and federal directions to restrict the spread of COVID-19 required usual operations at this time to be reviewed. City rangers and emergency services staff, along with the community, have to exercise social distancing. It also means that the local Bushfire Brigades are needing to exercise similar caution and are currently not able to undertake on ground mitigation activity.

“Residents will be able to burn 1 meter by 1 meter piles between the hours of 6pm – 11pm, which is part of the normal restricted burning season. However the City will not currently be issuing permits for any other burns.” said Ms Hardy.

“The City trusts residents will be practicing social distancing themselves, and not conducting larger illegal burning. This measure will reduce the amount of 000 calls for fire and in turn reduce exposing our Rangers and Emergency Services staff, along with our amazing community emergency service volunteers.”

Residents are reminded they can only legally burn off a small garden refuse pile (1m x 1m x 1m) between 6pm and 11pm –  without a permit to burn if the Fire Danger Rating is not Very High or above; Running water must be on hand and able to extinguish fire past the pile; All piles are fully extinguished by midnight and checked the next day. Additional appropriate firebreaks or hazard reductions around the burn area are required and residents should ensure all neighbours are notified, and an adult attends the fire at all times.

The Walliston transfer Station remains open, and green waste is free and unlimited for residents. Skip Bins are also free and available. All available mechanisms should be utilised in property preparedness activities being undertaken between now and the next fire season. 

View all fire management information here or alternatively, for more information please contact the City of Kalamunda on 9257 9999, email

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