City of Kalamunda announces February’s Local Hero Award winners

27 March 2020 11:45 AM

The City of Kalamunda announced its Local Hero award winners for February, with three very community-spirited locals walking away with the prizes.

The Community Local Hero prize was awarded to Dianne Coulter, a dedicated member of the Friends of Woodlupine Brook. A dedicated dog-walker, Dianne spends five days a week picking up rubbish along the Woodlupine Brook, through Magnolia Way Reserve, Juniper Way Reserve and Hartfield Park. According to her fellow members of the Friends of Woodlupine Brook, Dianne has been doing this for many years, clocking six and half hours each week picking up rubbish through our parks.

Senior Community Local Hero Richard Parker won his award for his tireless work with the Friends of Upper Lesmurdie Falls. Since 2012, Richard has volunteered countless hours of his own heavy machinery and time to construct paths, build riffles, prepare ground for planting and remove debris from Lesmurdie Brook. Richard regularly volunteers for barbecue duty with his wife Angie, who also does the books for the Friends of Upper Lesmurdie Falls.

Richard has also tallied 18 years as a volunteer senior groundskeeper for the Pickering Brook Sports Club, where he is a life member.

Kalamunda’s Young Local Hero winner Kai Lovel is an accomplished leader and entrepreneur. Kai broadcasts his own podcast on the local Kalamunda Radio Station and gives educational talks at schools. Kai is a dedicated mentor to other young people: he gives his time as a Scout leader and works as a tutor to young teens.

Mayor Margaret Thomas said Council was delighted to showcase such community dedication. “These individuals have shown long term commitment to our community, and that’s the fabric that makes up our daily lives. We cherish the work these volunteers perform.”

“In times like this I think it is important to celebrate our community. We are strong and we are what makes this place so amazing. Issues like COVID-19 simply showcase what amazing community resilience we have. I encourage everyone to think about nominating a local hero or good neighbour at this time. We need to share these amazing community stories.”

The monthly Local Hero Award is a celebration of the people within our community who are passionate about making a difference, freely volunteering to help and protect our community. There are three categories up for nomination: Local Hero of the Month, Senior Community Member and Young Local Hero. Winners are picked monthly and winners are awarded with a $50 gift voucher as a small token of appreciation.

“We introduced Kalamunda Connected – Creating Active Citizens Plan to celebrate the achievements of the amazing volunteers we have in the community. We love reading the nominations as they come in.”

Local Hero Awards and Good Neighbour awards run monthly and the City accepts nominations throughout the year. Community members are invited to nominate online at

The monthly awards culminate at the Annual Thank a Volunteer Ceremony, at which the Local Hero of the Year Awards will be presented.

Nominate your Local Hero today at

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