City of Kalamunda Exceed Customer Satisfaction

17 March 2020 3:30 PM

The City of Kalamunda’s half yearly update on regulatory services has showcased a focused on service, professionalism and quality.

In late 2018 the City of Kalamunda received feedback from the community that they would like to see planning applications processed faster. The City took the feedback on board. The commitment to planning applications has meant the City is pro-actively looking to fast track basic applications which normally would be processed within a 60 day timeframe in accordance with the current planning legislation. The latest data showcases all basic applications completed in 60 days, with 86.1% turned around in the shorter, self-imposed, time frame of 20 days. 90.9% of standard applications were completed on time, with 100% of complex development applications including two related to unauthorised developments all completed on time.

CEO Rhonda Hardy said, “We acted on the feedback we received – it’s not just about time though. In July 2018, the City commenced including a customer survey form for all development planning applications processed by the City. The responses provide valuable feedback particularly in relation to where the City can improve its customer service in the processing of planning applications.”

“For the period July – December 2019, the City received a total of 65 responses, with 85% of respondents stating that they were either satisfied, very satisfied, or neutral, with 15% or 10 applications indicating they were unsatisfied or very unsatisfied.

“The 15% or 10 responses received that were unsatisfied or very unsatisfied provides valuable feedback and an opportunity for the City to identify areas for improvement.”

“The introduction of half yearly performance-based reporting provides Council and the local community with transparency and accountability regarding the City’s regulatory functions and customer service standards. I thank the community for their feedback and look forward to seeing continued progress in this area.”

The City of Kalamunda Customer Service Promise is, “Supported by innovative technology solutions and regular best practice training, staff will be proactive, focus on future planning to meet business objectives and work collaboratively, with the customer experience always in mind. All City interactions with customers will be timely and meaningful.”

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