Roadworks for the Long-term benefit of All

13 March 2020 3:30 PM

Road rehabilitation works on several of the City’s roads began yesterday at Stirling Crescent and today on Welshpool Road East’s slow lane going up the hill between Lewis and Gladys streets.

The technology being utilised to undertake the rehabilitation provides shorter works programs, compared to conventional road rehabilitation projects, however significant space is needed to undertake the work. ,  As a result the current road network as been temporarily modified with traffic travelling up the hill at Welshpool Road East is being directed to the right side of the road,  in one of the two downhill traffic lanes with downhill traffic restricted to one lane.

This equipment will be operating throughout the day in order to complete the works quickly.

Motorists are reminded to be vigilant for all road users during this time, including trucks and cyclists. 

“We ask motorists to use extreme caution on Welshpool Road East for the next few days,” City of Kalamunda CEO Rhonda Hardy said.

“The City is committed to regular road maintenance and we thank residents for their patience over the next few days.”

“Current works on Welshpool Road between Lewis and Gladys are expected to be complete by the 17 March.”

Some further works will be undertaken at the Canning Road and Welshpool Road intersection towards the end of the month,  these works will be carried out during the night.

The crossing point at Lewis Road is being managed by STOP/SLOW traffic control to let traffic in and out, however delays are being caused by traffic merging from two lanes to one lane. Motorists could consider using Hartfield Rd and Hale Rd if they wish to travel west during this period.

“We encourage motorists to seek alternate access at Crystal Brook Road or via Kalamunda Road where possible. ” Ms Hardy said.

Works currently underway, and planned over the coming weeks include:

  • Stirling Crescent, High Wycombe (Benson to Adelaide) – stabilisation on 10/3 and laying asphalt on 13/3; 6am to 6pm (dayworks)
  • Welshpool Road, Forrestfield/ Lesmurdie  (Lewis to Gladys) – stabilisation on 11-13/3 and laying asphalt 16-17/3; 6am to 6pm (dayworks)
  • Canning Road and Welshpool Road intersection – stabilisation on 26-27/3 and laying asphalt 31/3 to 1/4; 6pm to 6am (night works)
  • Lesmurdie Road (Welshpool Road East to Silverdale) – stabilisation on 30/3 and laying asphalt 2/4; 6pm to 6am (night works)
  • Further works are planned on Welshpool Road East on 14/4

For further Information please contact the City of Kalamunda via email or alternatively phone (08) 9257 9999 during office hours.

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