City to Investigate Solar Farm Potential

24 February 2020 3:30 PM

The City of Kalamunda will investigate the feasibility of local solar farms off the back of positive community feedback to its 2019 Environmental Sustainability Initiatives survey. Following Council endorsement of the idea, the City will now appoint a consultant to complete a feasibility study and report findings by mid-2020.

“The City has a remarkably-positive environmental reputation and it is critical that we continue to work with our community to maintain our commitment,” she said. “As such, Council will continue to look at ways to measure our environmental impacts, reduce our consumption of non-renewables and more effectively manage waste,” Cr Thomas said.

The City’s Environmental Sustainability Initiatives survey was popular with 371 residents sharing their views on what environmental sustainability means to them and their thoughts and actions regarding energy saving behaviours, waste and recycling and renewable energy.

“A massive 91 per cent reported they were concerned about the environment,” Cr Thomas said. “With a similar number committed to recycling plastics, cans and glass.

“More than half (57 per cent) have solar panels and 94 per cent said they had heard of solar farms.”

Cr Thomas said exploring renewable energy opportunities to be housed in the City was an obvious next step, prompting Council to green-light the feasibility study into local solar farms.

For further details or to review the survey results, visit Environmental Sustainability Initiatives project on the City's Engagement Portal. Alternatively, please contact the City of Kalamunda on 9257 9999, email

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