City Adopts “Kalamunda Clean and Green” Strategy

31 July 2019 3:30 PM

The City of Kalamunda has a new framework for managing environmental pressures and improving sustainable practices for the next decade and beyond.

The Kalamunda Clean and Green Local Environment Strategy 2019 -2029 (LES), adopted last week at the City’s Ordinary Council Meeting, is a document that has spent several years in the making.

Mayor John Giardina said, “The Local Environment Strategy is essentially a community driven project that began with a vision in 2017 and has culminated into a Strategy. It’s been an inspiring journey and I would like to thank our entire community for sharing their thoughts and feedback. In particular, I would like to extend my thanks to the Kalamunda Environmental Advisory Committee, who have led the process and the Strategy’s development.”

“The LES will have a significant bearing on the City’s long term approach to environmental management. That’s why it was essential our process was thorough and we worked with the community every step of the way.”

The LES focuses on four key areas – green spaces, reducing waste, natural resources and managing impacts. Each area contains a set of aims, strategies and actions that will see the City, with the help of the community, achieve a more sustainable future and mitigation of environmental pressures.

Its overarching aim is to protect the landscape and character of the City, whilst guiding improvements to the City’s operations and work with stakeholders and community groups. The LES is not a stand-alone document, but will rely on other City strategies and policies to deliver stated actions. 

The City of Kalamunda is encouraging all residents to view the Strategy and do their part to help make the vision a reality. 

View the LES Strategy here (PDF, 13.8MB)

Alternatively, for a copy of this strategy or for more information, contact the City of Kalamunda team on 9257 9999 or
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