New Environmental Guidelines for City Developments

30 July 2019 1:00 PM

The City of Kalamunda this week adopted its inaugural Environmental Land Use Planning Strategy (ELUPS), one of seven sub-strategies that will inform the City’s overarching Local Planning Strategy which is currently under development.

The ELUPS will provide strategic direction for land use planning and development in relation to the environment. The document, which has been the subject of public consultation, is designed to aid in the enhancement, improvement and promotion of biodiversity and sustainability in the City of Kalamunda.

Mayor John Giardina said, “Over time, our priorities as a community continue to evolve. To ensure these priorities are reflected in our actions, our guidelines and strategies need to evolve too. This Strategy is a commitment to these priorities and how, we as a community, envisage our future. It’s an important step forward in creating a balance between the needs of our environment and a growing population.”

“I would like to thank everyone who took the time to provide their feedback on the Strategy during the consultation period. In particular, I would like to thank the Kalamunda Environmental Advisory Committee and its members, whose significant research and input has helped shape this important document.”

The Strategy provides actions to enhance and improve biodiversity and promote sustainable planning practises which are sensitive and complementary to the existing natural environment. Actions for the future include preparing a Street Tree Masterplan and Green Links Masterplan, developing a policy for management of wetlands and waterways, reviewing the impact of bushfire clearing on biodiversity and updated environmental mapping for public viewing.

The ELUPS identifies local environmental factors that will influence future planning in the City, and how these factors can be appropriately addressed during the assessment of development and subdivision applications.

The ELUPS also sets out strategic actions to provide guidance on how the City can improve environmental outcomes through the statutory and strategic planning processes including tree retention. The strategic actions will also be subject to further community engagement and consultation. 

The City will use the ELUPS to assist with the development of its new Local Planning Strategy, a document that must be reviewed every five years.

View copy of the ELUPS here or contact the City of Kalamunda on 9257 9999 or The City welcomes any questions on the Strategy, which can be directed to the team via the above details. 
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