Major Milestone for Kalamunda Tourism

05 July 2019 5:00 PM

The City of Kalamunda this week adopted its inaugural Tourism Development Strategy, a document designed to assist the City in achieving its full tourism potential.

Adoption of the Strategy marks a major milestone for the City, who have long been advocating the potential of the region as a tourism hub.

Mayor John Giardina said, “Being only 30 minutes from the Perth CBD, Kalamunda, as part of Perth Hills, is increasing in popularity as a tourist attraction. From wineries to waterfalls, the region has so much to offer, and we’re excited to continue sharing that with visitors from near and far. I would like to thank the Tourism Reference Group and our community for their invaluable contribution to the Strategy.”

The Strategy, adopted in late June, was developed based on the input of local business and tourism operators, residents, industry bodies, and visitors. A Tourism Community Reference Group was formed to engage interested community members and operators and help guide the direction of the Strategy.

The document specifies how the City can best allocate its resources to support greater tourism opportunities, fostering further investment and growth. In doing so, it focuses on five priority areas including facilities to enjoy the natural and built environment, leveraging the area’s natural beauty to grow appeal, developing social and cultural opportunities to generate investment and community spirit, enhancing the Kalamunda tourism brand and supporting local businesses.

Mayor John Giardina said a thriving tourism sector would have flow on benefits to the community.

“Tourism will help to boost the local economy, facilitating direct and indirect economic benefits through the level of expenditure and creation of jobs in the local area. It’s great for our local mum and dad operated businesses, it’s great for families and seniors who will have access to improved facilities, it’s great for young people looking for employment close to home and it’s great for community spirit.”

The value of tourism to the Kalamunda economy is $112.4 million with an estimated 523 jobs created across industry sectors such as retail, accommodation, cafes/restaurants, and cultural and recreational services.

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