Exhibition: 100% Semi SuR ReaL

04 March 2022 : 9:00 AM - 27 March 2022 : 4:00 PM

A compelling retrospective of works from the past 17 years, by renowned artist Fineart G. Lorenz. This exhibition showcases outstanding Surrealistic paintings.

Exhibition Dates:  4 - 27 March 2022

This exhibition presents a powerful retrospective of Surrealist paintings by acclaimed artist Fineart G. Lorenz. A cumulation of his work from over the last several years, this series showcases intricate surrealist-symbolic dreamscapes in a brilliant array of colour. Each painting reveals fantastical subjects and constant contradictions, with interactions between polarities.

See this dynamic and compelling exhibition at the official opening of Friday 4 March from 6:30pm.

Find out about more about Fineart G Lorenz from our Meet the Artist section

Gallery Opening hours: 9–4 weekdays; 10–4 weekends
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50 Railway Road,
Zig Zag Gallery located in Perth Hills Visitor Centre

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(08) 9257 9998

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