Cry Of The Forests

30 July 2021 : 6:30 PM - 30 July 2021 : 10:00 PM

Cry of the Forests is a 54 minute documentary film which examines the plight of Western Australia's unique forests and their real value in drawing down and storing carbon.

The forests of the south west of Western Australia are found no where else on earth. They are part of one of the most biodiversity rich hotspots on the planet but they are under threat.

Logging is decimating these special places, turning the forests into wastelands. We are clearing our forests at an alarming rate and most of the logs end up as sawmill waste, charcoal or wood chips. Just 15 per cent is turned into quality furniture.

Meanwhile climate change is impacting on the south west and rainfall is declining. The forests play a vital role in creating the rain that feeds the streams, environment and agricultural industries

Yet these magnificent forests are excellent stores of carbon.

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