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Friends of Piesse Brook

Last updated: 15 May, 2019


Piesse Brook (the downstream extension ofImage of a group of volunteers doing spraying works at Piesse Brook Reserve
Pickering Brook and Bickley Valley) flows
through State Forest, private property and Kalamunda National Park before joining Helena River upstream of the Lower Pumpback Reservoir of the Helena River.

Friends of Piesse Brook Inc is a group of enthusiastic and passionate individuals, who have done a great deal of restoration work along the Brook for approaching 2 decades. Their weeding and re-vegetation activities have restored natural bushland along what was originally an impenetrable area overrun with invasive and persistent weeds. Their work is invaluable and will continue for years to come. Friends of Piesse Brook Inc welcomes and encourages new members to join the group and help make a difference.

If you are keen to get involved please contact us (details below).


Located through Pickering Brook and Bickley Valley areas.


For more information contact City of Kalamunda
Telephone: 9257 9999


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