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Friends of Petunia Street Reserve

Last updated: 15 May, 2019


Petunia St Public Open Space is a smallImage of group of volunteers that did some works at Petunia Street Reserve
reserve (approx. 3895m2) located near
the end of Petunia St, Kalamunda. The
Friends of Petunia St have been working
with the City for many years to control
woody weeds, invasive bulbs and grassy
weeds, following up this work with plantings
of native species to enhance the areas
natural values.

There is a Public Access Way traversing the reserve and many people use it while enjoying the natural and recreational values described below.
If you are keen to get involved please contact us (details below).


Located at Petunia Street, Kalamunda


For more information contact City of Kalamunda
Telephone: 9257 9999


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