Waste Services

The City provides a comprehensive waste management program

Changes for FY19/20

From 1 August 2018 Entry Pass and Waste Vehicle Permits apply

Disposal guide

A- Z Waste Disposal Guide

Listing of where to dispose of your waste. Search and Dispose Safely



Bin service days

Kerbside Collection

Skip Bins

3 per annum - used bulk General and Green waste will be collected in your area. Order & get more information here.

Walliston Map

Tips/Transfer Stations

Landfill sites for the City

Waste Permit Applications

Waste Vehicle Permit Applications

Specified vehicles now require approved permits to enter the Walliston Transfer Station.



Ways to recycle within the City

illegal dumping

Litter & Illegal Dumping

We take illegal dumping seriously. Iit can have a significant impact on the environment, along with safety & aesthetics of the community


Fees & Charges

Fees for various Waste & Disposal Services



Graffiti Services

Green Waste

Green Waste

How to dispose of your green waste

Worm Cafe & Home Composting

Home Compost & Worm Farms

Recycle your waste

Mattress & Whitegoods

Mattress & Whitegoods Collection

Collection and disposal service

Garage Sale Trail - 21+22 October 2017

Garage Sale

includes supporting Garage Sale Trail, a national day of garage sales.

Hazardous Material

Disposal of Hazardous materials

Dispose of your Household hazardous safely


DrumMUSTER Collection

Farm Chemical Users within Perth's Eastern Region collection opportunity