Zig Zag Festival


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Sunday 25 October 2015 10:00AM
Sunday 25 October 2015 08:00PM

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The annual Arts Festival held in Kalamunda every year. The theme - 'Tracks, Trees and Trains'
The Zig Zag Festival Parade which will start at 5:30pm and finish at Stirk Park at 6:00pm

Not to be missed - this premier Arts Festival in the hills - especially for families!

Stall holders pay fee of approx. $110 for the day - Community not-for-profit display stalls are free.

This is the 30th anniversary of the Zig Zag Festival in Kalamunda. The theme this year is 'Tracks, Trees and Trains' and we want to make this the most spectacular Festival ever. This Festival will bring alive the fascinating history of the Kalamunda Hills. During the Festival we will trace the days of the past of the Shire of Kalamunda, telling the stories of the different eras and bringing that heritage alive through dance, art and music. We want to bring together all the local cultural and artistic groups and build a number of creative collaborations to help us illustrate our unique heritage.

This year is also year of the 10th anniversary of Madjitil Moorna which started as one of Zig Zag Festival's creative community projects in 2005. This year's performance will include hundreds of school children who will be participating in a series of Noongar music workshops with the choir before the Festival. This performance at the Zig Zag Festival finale is poignant because it brings the choir back full circle, having had it's first performance at the Zig Zag Festival ten years ago. The focus of this project is community inclusion and many aspects of Noogar culture will be woven throughout the day.

We are also going to be engaging in a number of exciting collaborations.

  • Kalamunda Senior High School students will be contributing to both the organisation and running of this year's Youth Stage.  Kalamunda Senior High School's Music Director Marcus Roberts and his students as part of his Certificate 3 performance skills program.  This means there will be a number of KSHS students actively involved in the programming of the acts, in making posters for the Youth Stage and to 'apprentice'  in the hands-on technical set up of the stage.  Students are also doing percussion workshops with Junkadelic in September and October and will be part of the huge 'Parade Band' performing an original composition "Little Black Kettle'.
  • The finale  Concert is also a huge collaborative effort, the last hour will feature a spectacular  light and sound concert .  On and around the Sound Shell Stage there will be performances from Madjitil Moorna, Akapella Munda Choir,  David Rivett, the Junkadelic band with some members of the Kalamunda Swing Band  and Black Chook Chutney culminating in a group performance of our new Festival anthem - 'Home in the Hills'.

The Zig Zag Community Arts is perhaps the most 'community owned' and operated local arts event that continues to be free of charge, and therefore totally accessible to people of all ages, backgrounds and financial status. This annual Festival is the culmination of all the workshops, performances and collaborations that we've engaged in throughout the year involving hundreds of local people.  Young people in Kalamunda speak the Zig Zag Festival and recall it as a significant part of their growing up.  Generations of people in Kalamunda look on the Festival with a real sense of ownership.

Over the years we have helped develop the cultural life of Kalamunda and contributed to the rich diversity of the Arts in Western Australia.  The organisation has a great level of community support which can be gauged by the steady increases in audience attendance at Zig Zag Community Arts events.  Many community people have attended our benefit concerts featuring the Black Chooks that contribute to a number of worthy causes in the community.  These performances and collaborations with a number of groups such as Akappella Munda choir, the Numguts Bush Band, and the Perth Scottish Fiddlers are part of our outreach program which continues to flourish. In keeping with our theme this year we will explore and celebrate the history of Arts and Culture in the establishment and growth of the Shire of Kalamunda and the Hills region.

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For more information contact Celia Chiffins (08) 92791 3092 / 0438 718 090 celia@bekkers.com.au


Stirk Park
18 Kalamunda Road
Kalamunda WA
Post code 6076

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