Cambridge Reserve - Local Planning Scheme Amendment No. 104

18 May 2022 4:00 PM

The City has received confirmation that the Minister for Planning approved the City of Kalamunda Local Planning Scheme No. 3 amendment No. 104 on 27 April 2022.

Amendment 104 Reclassifies a portion of Cambridge Reserves, Forrestfield - Lot 250 Dawson Avenue, Lots 2346 and 12366 York Street, Lot 7876 Cambridge Road, Lots 2850 and 3487 Moira Avenue, Lot 1 Anderson Road and Lot 9835 Mallow Way, Forrestfield - from the Local Open Space Local Scheme reservation to the Urban Development Zone.

Amendment 104 is an important step towards the realisation of the Cambridge Reserve Community Enhancement Project, which proposes to transform Cambridge Reserve - currently an approximately 9 hectare site classified as a public open space reserve serving a recreation and drainage function - to formalise and increase site activation and community safety, expose its natural beauty and amenity for the whole community utilising its natural values, and concurrently transform the site into a community asset providing much needed services and accommodation. 

A 3.85 hectare portion of the site has been to be rezoned through Amendment 104 for the delivery critical aged residential care, and new diverse housing opportunities. The remaining portion of the site will be improved significantly to cater for a wide range of age groups. This is planned to feature a large playground, half basketball court, a network of trails proposed to contain interactive features such as educational signage, nature-play, exercise equipment, barbeques, shelter and seating areas.  

Areas of Threatened Ecological Communities (TEC) are proposed to be protected, fenced and managed with measures such as weed control, dieback prevention and revegetation as needed to improve the vegetation quality and long-term viability of ecological values. 

The Concept Plan, which was adopted by the Council in August 2020, was developed from site investigations and a comprehensive community engagement process dating back to early 2018.

The City is now focussed on finalising the land administration required and preparing for the implementation of the Concept Plan and vision adopted by the Council. 

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