Local Hero, Simon Bell knows all about “Act, Belong, Commit.”

21 June 2021 9:30 AM

Nominated in recognition of his long serving and active membership of the Bush Fire Brigade, City of Kalamunda resident and Senior Community Local Hero, Simon Bell is a lifetime member of the Bush Fire Brigade having volunteered for over 17 years and assisted with over 550 fires.

“I love helping the community and being part of the community.  I enjoy the camaraderie that comes with belonging to an organization,” mentioned Simon. “I recommend it to anyone who is prepared to put the commitment in, to join. But you do have to be committed.”

“You also need the backing of friends and family. I could not have done what I do without the support of my wife. I would have been in real trouble without her. Sometimes I have been away for days, fighting fires anywhere in the State, and she is left to keep everything functioning at home. It’s a team effort.”

2021 Local Hero Simon Bell

Mayor Margaret Thomas JP said, “Simon is a great example that behind every hero are any number of heroes, as part of a broader support network.”

“The 84 members of our local Kalamunda Bush Fire Brigade, and their personal support networks, perform a valuable role in keeping our community safe. In 2020/2021, the volunteers were called out 46 times, including responding to eight large fires, 15 smaller fires, two hazardous situations, and two road crash rescues.”

“The City is a partner with Act, Belong, Commit, and by giving back to the community, we can all find our niche and a space where we feel we belong.”

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