Keep your cool this summer with a compliant swimming pool

14 January 2020 11:57 AM

With the weather heating up, the City of Kalamunda is encouraging residents to stay cool by ensuring their swimming pool or spa is safety compliant.

The City’s Chief Executive Officer, Rhonda Hardy, said the Royal Life Saving Society of Australia’s key messaging - vigilance around water saves lives - is a good reminder for us all.
“Please check your barriers protecting your swimming pool and spa are up to standard – this includes all gates and latches,” Ms Hardy said.
“We’re serious about saving lives and together we can reduce unnecessary risks and keep everyone safe.”
Legislation in Western Australia requires the owner or occupier of a property with a private swimming or spa pool to install barriers around the structure for the protection of young children who may enter that area with or without the knowledge or consent of the owner/occupier. Owners or occupiers are required to maintain the barrier in such a condition that it functions at all times.
If the structure contains water to a depth greater than 300mm and is used primarily for swimming, wading, bathing or like activities then the structure is required to have a barrier installed which complies with the Australian Standard 1926.1 Swimming Pool Safety.
All swimming pools require a Building Permit and must be registered on the City’s Swimming Pool Register. A building permit is required for the erection of a swimming pool fence which should be installed prior to the pool being filled with water.
Pool owners may also consider displaying a resuscitation chart on their pool fence and ensuring someone in the home is a qualified first aider.
Ms Hardy encouraged pool and spa owners to check, fix and maintain their pool and surrounds following the Royal Life Saving Society released its 2019 Drowning Report recently revealing deaths had increased by 10% on the previous 12-month period up from 249  to 276.
“One of the best things about living in the Perth Hills is jumping in the pool when the weather heats up. But things can go wrong if we’re not prepared,” Ms Hardy said.  
“By focussing on two key things – constant adult supervision and maintenance of a complying swimming pool barrier – you can have a fun and safe time.”
The City delivers an annual, mandatory inspection programme* and has a full-time Swimming Pool Compliance Officer to assist residents in ensuring their pools are secure and adhere to regulations. 
Residents are expected to provide access to pool areas for City inspectors and promptly rectify any directions provided. Infringements, building orders and prosecution that can carry a penalty of $50,000, may be applied for noncompliance.
“The City can issue warrants to obtain access swimming pool areas where owners, or occupiers either refuse the City entry, or are otherwise unable to be found,” Ms Hardy said. “This is not the City’s preference, however, vigilance is of the utmost priority where lives can be at risk.”
If you are unsure whether your pool complies with West Australian standards, you can download a checklist from or contact the City of Kalamunda on 9257 9999 or and request a free compliance inspection.


* The City’s pool inspections are scheduled on rotational programme. Find more information via our Swimming pools & spas section

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