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Declarations & Conditions

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I am the ratepayer / resident of the above property:*
This Vehicle Permit is only valid for myself to dispose of my residential waste:*
This Vehicle Permit is not valid for anybody else’s waste or any type of commercial / trade waste*
I understand the City of Kalamunda can revoke this Vehicle Permit at any time.*
I confirm the waste I wish to dispose is residential waste originating from my own home and for which I have not received payment. I understand if it is commercial waste it will incur a fee and this is at the determination of the Transfer Station staff.*
I confirm the information provided in this application is true and correct.*

Waste needs to be carried safely and vehicles bringing waste to the site should at all times comply with the Road Traffic Act (1974).

The City of Kalamunda monitors site usage and reserves the right to make further enquiries of the owner of the vehicle and at the premises from which the waste originated.

Residents/Ratepayers using a Vehicle Permit are required to also bring their Entry Pass and show identification which must have a photo and residential address e.g. valid Driver's Licence.

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