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Friends of Markham Reserve

Last updated: 15 May, 2019


Markham Road Reserve is a small urban View of some bulbs growing through some debris at Markham Reserve
bushland reserve surrounding the High
Wycombe Library near the corner of Markham
Road and Warner Road, High Wycombe.
The bushland is adjacent to a school, a
small shopping centre, small businesses
and residential housing, within a wider
urban area.

The reserve is tended by the Friends of
Markham Reserve, a small group of passionate
local residents who undertake regular weeding,
rubbish removal and annual planting to buffer
the reserve against the pressures of the
surrounding urban area.

If you are keen to get involved please contact us (details below).
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Action Plan (2015 - 2017)


Located at Markham Road and Warner Road, High Wycombe.


For more information contact City of Kalamunda
Telephone: 9257 9999


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