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Friends of Jorgensen Park

Last updated: 08 April, 2019


Image of some of the volunteers preparing to do work at Jorgensen ParkJorgensen Park is a large (ca. 399,064m2) multi use park located on Crescent Road, Kalamunda. Historically it was at various times a timber reserve, orchard and golf course until it was vested in the local government during the 1970s for public use as a parks and recreation facility.

The Park is now managed jointly by the City of Kalamunda and the Friends of Jorgensen Park, who undertake weed control, restoration plantings, control of Phytophthora Dieback and community education activities.

As well as the important recreation and social values present in Jorgensen Park, the natural values of the area are regionally significant and are the main drawcard for visitors from the local area and wider community. 

Upcoming and Recent Activities

The Friends of Jorgensen Park meet on the first Sunday of each month from March to November. Meeting times may vary each month so if you would like to attend and are not sure when the next meeting is, please contact us.


Located at Crescent Road, Kalamunda


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