Power Mate

As part of the Perth Solar City program the Shire of Kalamunda has purchased four Power-Mates to support community members seeking to assess and modify their energy usage. Two regular, and two heavy duty Power-Mates are available to loan through the Shire’s public library system.

Power-Mates are energy efficiency meters which allow you to determine the amount of power each of your household appliances uses. For example to test your television, you simply plug it into the Power-Mate, plug the Power-Mate into a power socket, and switch the TV on. As well as reading the current amount of energy being used by the TV, the Power-Mate can work out how much energy is used, greenhouse gases emitted and money spent on power bills due to using that device, on an hourly, daily or yearly basis.

Through the introduction of Power-Mates the Shire hopes to encourage residents to use energy more efficiently, and in doing so, to decrease our collective carbon footprint.

What can I do?

For more information on what you can do about climate change and enjoy a low-carbon sustainable lifestyle see our What can I do? – Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy page


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