Living Smart

Living Smart

As a supporter of the Living Smart course, the City encourages residents to seek a sustainable lifestyle to improve quality of life, reduce impact on the environment, and promote a resilient community. Your positive local actions will make a difference, and contribute to the effort of communities and organisations worldwide seeking sustainable change. The Living Smart courses and resources can support these actions.


The Living Smart program was developed by the City of Fremantle, Murdoch University and Southern Metropolitan Regional Council and is now coordinated by Be Living Smart Inc.

Living Smart courses run for 7 or 8 weeks including a field trip. They cover 10 sustainable living topics such as energy smart, waste smart, healthy home and gardening for biodiversity and growing your own food. The course is broad in subject matter and is tailored to the needs and interests of the group. Head to the Living Smart website for more information on Living Smart courses running near you.

Useful Factsheets

The state government Department of Transport has numerous Living Smart factsheets on aspects of sustainable living including topics such as; how to read your utility bills and track your consumption, start a vegetable garden, fix a leaking tap, and use natural heating and cooling for a comfortable home. Visit the Active Transport – Resources for Households for more information.

Sustainable Living
Sustainability is based on the principle that every aspect of our survival and wellbeing depends, either directly or indirectly, on our natural environment. Sustainability may be described as our responsibility to live in a way that fosters social, economic and environmental health and vitality for present and future generations. Sustainability means finding a balance between environment, economy and society, and looking for ways of living which benefit all of these areas.

The Sustainable Living Guide provides a source of ideas for sustainable ways of living to make lifestyle changes and understand why making these changes is worthwhile.

Information in this Guide will help you to:

    reduce your energy and water use
  • reduce the amount of waste your household produces
  • get involved in your community
  • think about ways to spend your money to support our local economy.
This Guide was prepared by the City of Kalamunda with the assistance and advice of the Shire of Mundaring, Hills Sustainability Group, Kalamunda’s Community Sustainability Advisory Committee and Mundaring’s Environmental Advisory Group.


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