Keeping Stock

Keeping Stock

Keeping of large animals including, horses, cows, pigs, sheep, goats, camels, deer, alpacas or llamas on your property requires Shire approval. This can be achieved by completing a Schedule 6 Planning Application and providing a detailed management plan. The plan must indicate how the environment will be managed to prevent degradation. Degradation can be prevented by;

  • Fencing environmentally sensitive areas such as wetlands, streams and bushland areas from animals;
  • Not overstocking your paddock or property which can lead to soil loss;
  • Managing waste appropriately;
  • Providing artificial shelter;
  • Protecting trees from ring barking; and
  • Sourcing weed free fodder or hay.

Click here for Guidelines for Keeping Large Animals

Additional information on stocking rates and stock management is available at W:

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