Flora & Fauna

Landforms and Vegetation

Landforms and Vegetation Communities

Swan Coastal Plain, Darling Scarp, Darling Plateau



Important for biodiversity as they often have high species richness and provide a dependable location for many bird species.

Threatened Ecological Communities

Threatened Ecological Communities

What are they, Listings, Threatened Ecological communities and other information

Hartfield Park, Forrestfield - Bush forever site

Bush Forever

Identifies areas of regionally significant bushland and associated wetlands for protection


Environmental Sensitive Areas

Applied to protect environmental values at state or national levels and cover some Shire lands and private property



Waterways include rivers and their tributaries including streams, creeks and brooks



It includes over 11,500 known taxa of vascular plants including flowering plants, ferns and conifers

Do Not feed the ducks


An array of native animals due to linkages and pockets of bushland managed by the City, the Department of Parks and Wildlife, private landowners and other agencies.

Feral Animals

Introduced animals that compete with, predate upon and introduce diseases into endemic faunal populations.

Threatened Fauna

Animal species which are likely to become extinct or which have been declared in need of special protection at a Federal or State level.

Mrtyle-leafed Milkwort


A plant that is not native to an area and has the potential to dominate and out compete the native species

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