Climate Change & Low-Carbon Lifestyle

Climate Change

The City of Kalamunda is working to improve the energy efficiency of its facilities and reduce carbon emissions.

Climate change has the potential to affect every aspect of day to day life, with major impacts for future generations. The good news is that every household, school and business has the capacity to do something about their carbon emissions. A lot of changes that can be made towards reducing your carbon emissions, are fun, satisfying, and can improve your health and well-being.

The City is part of the Perth Solar City program, and has installed demonstration projects at its Administration Building and Kalamunda Library.
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Power-Mates are now available for loan at Kalamunda’s public libraries.  These devices allow you to measure the energy use of appliances in your home or business, giving you useful information to help reduce your energy use.

Click here to see What can YOU can do? – Information on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy to make your home more energy efficient and generate renewable energy.

Relevant Projects:

  • Achieving Carbon Emissions Reduction:
    This project aims to enable the City to reduce its carbon emissions and encourage the community to do the same.
  • Future Proofing Perth's Eastern Region:  
    Adapting to Climate Change: Focuses on supporting City of Kalamunda’s operations and residents to adapt to the anticipated effects of climate change.
  • Perth Solar City:
    Aims to demonstrate solar and energy efficiency technologies to the community and develop a better understanding of the barriers to their adoption. A significant aspect of this project is encouraging positive behaviour change through community engagement.
  • Living Smart:
    The City occasionally hosts a course and supports the content and ethos of the Living Smart program. It is a multi-week community sustainable living course.
  • Travel Smart :
    The City encourages its residents to choose low emission transport options. 


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