Neighbourhood Issues or Disputes


The City does not get involved in neighbourhood disputes. If you are having an issue with a neighbour and the issue cannot be resolved amicably please contact Legal Aid for further information and advice -

Some Frequently Asked Questions relating to Neighbours include:

How do I deal with overhanging tree branches?

refer to the Building Information Sheet 11.
This sheet provides information about neighbours rights and responsibilities when faced with overhanging branches and roots from neighbouring trees.

Fences - Building / Repairing / Responsibility?

refer to our Building - Fencing section
The erection and maintenance of dividing fences on the boundary are a matter between neighbours and as such are dealt with by the Dividing Fences Act 1961 which is administered by the Building Commission.

Barking Dogs

refer to our Pets & Animals > Dogs section
As a resident if you are having an issue with a barking dog we recommend that you approach the owner of the dog directly to let them know of the disturbance. As they may not be aware that their dog barks whilst they are out or for prolonged periods it is far easier to get matters resolved through direct communication and on an amicable basis. If after approaching the owner of the dog, the barking continues you can contact the Rangers to get advice on the next step. Please allow a few weeks once you have approached the owner before contacting the Rangers as some methods to may take time to implement or show results.
NOTE: The Rangers are unable to locate the dog causing the issue based on a general location.

Other Animals Issues

refer to our Health Services - Keeping of Animals section
The City of Kalamunda prides itself on maintaining a village atmosphere, and this includes allowing the keeping of animals such as, poultry, sheep and other large animals. However, in order to ensure that neighbouring properties are not unduly affected by noise, odour or other potential problems, guidelines and local laws have been developed. If you are having a problem with animals being kept on a neighbouring property, please first discuss it with your neighbour.

Noise: What can be done?

refer to our Health Services - Noise section.
There is state legislation controlling the level of noise to which you can be exposed. These laws also restrict the way certain noisy equipment can be used. If following speaking to your neighbour, the noise problem persists, you can lodge a formal complaint with the City’s Health Service. Please refer to the link above for further information and an information sheet on this issue.

Also available from the Health Services is an information sheet - Guidelines for Solving Neighbourhood Issues.

Building Services, Health Services, Rangers can be contacted during office hours on 9257 9999.



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