Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned Vehicle

Shire Rangers deal with a large number of abandoned vehicles left in public places. Every attempt is made to contact the owner via vehicle registration details to advise them that there vehicle is abandoned.

In the event the owner of the vehicle cannot be located, the vehicle is removed and impounded in the Shire of Kalamunda’s Impound facility. It is then the responsibility of the owner to collect the vehicle within two (2) months of impoundment by paying the prescribed fees and charges and providing proof of ownership in order to claim the vehicle.

If the vehicle is not collected in the prescribed time frame, the vehicle will be disposed of in accordance with the Local Government Act 1995.

Ranger Services operate 7 days per week with the exception of Christmas day and Good Friday. Rangers are available Monday to Friday from 7.30am until 7pm and between 7.30am until 4.00pm on weekends and public holidays. You may contact the Rangers by phoning the Shire of Kalamunda on 9257 9999.

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