Register your dog:
You will need to complete an animal registration form.

If the animal registration form is not signed the licence will not be valid. Please ensure that the owners full name (including middle names) appear on the Dog Registration Form. Any faxed or emailed copies of the certificate and registration documents must be clear and readable.

Change of Details
If any details relating to your dog registration change (e.g. change of address, dog now sterilised) you must notify the City of Kalamunda.
Complete and return the change of details form.

If the dog is sterilised, a copy of the sterilisation certificate must be forwarded, or the name and address of the Veterinarian and date of sterilisation must be supplied in the form of a statutory declaration.

Microchipping is now compulsory for new registrations. Dog which are currently registered have until 1 November 2015 to microchip their dog. Under the Dog Act 1976, all dogs that have reached 3 months of age must be registered and microchipped.

Pensioners pay only half of the stated fees on presentation of their Pensioner Concession Card.

Please forward a cheque or money order for the animal registration fee applicable.
Licences expire on the 31st October in the year specified on the animal registration form.

View License Fees here 

In respect of every first registration made after 31 May, in any year, only one half of the registration fee shall be payable. (Conditions Apply).

Please post the registration form, including any other relevant paperwork to PO Box 42, Kalamunda WA 6926. Alternatively you can visit us in person at 2 Railway Road, Kalamunda, Monday-Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm.


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