Find out about Registration, Local Law, Barking Dogs, Exercise Areas, Socialisation, Lost or Strays, Wandering Dogs, Dog Attacks...

Having a dog in your life can be a wonderful experience. You will need to spend time exercising and training your dog. To keep it in good health you will also need to have regular visits to the vet to keep vaccinations up to date. You will also be required to have your dog licensed by your local Authority.

As well as all of this, you also have many legal responsibilities that you must comply with to ensure responsible dog ownership.

Following is detailed information relating to your requirements under the Dog Act 1976 plus additional information that you may find useful on how to be a responsible dog owner.

Dogs - Local Law 2010



Dog Registration is compulsory - find out how


Microchipping of Dogs

Dog microchipping is compulsory - find out how

Barking Dog

Barking Dogs

It is your responsibility to ensure that your dog is not creating a Nuisance by Barking excessively.

Restricted Breed Dogs

Dangerous Dogs and Restricted Breeds

Responsibility, warning signs & restricted breed regulations

Dog Attacks

Dog Attacks

Necessary to contact the Rangers directly to report the incident


Dog Exercise Areas & Socialisation

Specific areas have been provided by the Shire to exercise your dog off its leash

Wandering Dogs

Wandering Dogs

Make sure that your dog is not able to wander off your property


Keeping more than two dogs

Approval from the council is required for more than 2 dogs

Lost / Stray

Lost / Stray Dogs

What to do if you have lost a pet or find a stray animal