Request a Variation

What is a Variation?
A Variation is an exemption to the conditions outlined in the notice.

Do I need a Variation?
If you consider for any reason that it is impractical to clear firebreaks or other hazards as required by the Fire Hazard Reduction Notice, or if natural features render works unnecessary, you may apply in writing to the City of Kalamunda or its duly authorised officers, not later than 1 October, for a variation listing alternative methods of fire prevention on your land.

A variation is only valid for the current season. If a property requires a variation, applicants are required to apply every year before the 1st October.

A variation belongs to the applicant. If a property is sold or has new tenants, the current variation becomes void. The new owner/tenant has 14 days to notify the City and apply for a new variation. The new variation is assessed based on the new application received. The City may not automatically approve a variation based on a previous application.

Variations may be withdrawn at any time by the City of Kalamunda Chief Bushfire Control Officer (CBFCO).

How do I get a Variation?
Please fill in the below form and submit to the City before the 1 October for your Variation to be considered. Alternatively you can download a PDF version of the form to manually completed.

View Terms & Conditions of Requesting a Variation

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I consider it impractical to clear or construct firebreaks and/or carry out other fire prevention work in accordance with the City Of Kalamunda Fire Hazard Notice issued in pursuant to Section 33 of the Bush Fires Act 1954 at:
Property Use * (required)


Please provide a map showing the area for the required variation, you can download maps from
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I have read and understood the requirements/conditions of a Variation to Fire Hazard Reduction Notice. * (required)

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NOTE: Upon successful submission of the Fire Variation Request, the above form will be removed and a confirmation message will be shown.

If you have not received this confirmation message, please review your form and ensure all required fields and any attached documents have been completed before clicking the 'Submit' button again.
Any errors are given in red at the top of the form.



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