Tips & Preparations


Please see the Fire Prevention section of the website to see the Bush Fires Act 1954, Section 33 (1) and the Fire Restrictions and Fire Ratings section for fire burning periods and rating information

Emergency Contacts

Fire, Bushfires, Hazardous goods spills or events requiring Human Rescue: 000
Cyclone, Severe storm, Flood or Tsunami: 132 500


Useful Links

View DFES: 5 minute Fire Chat
View DFES: Bush Fire Survival Plan
View DFES: Bush Fire Protection Zones
View DFES: Pets & Animal Emergency Kit & Planning Information

DFES - FAQ Emergency Alert

What is Emergency Alert?

Information on the national telephone warning system used during an emergency

DFES - FAQ Emergency Alert

Emergency Alert FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions on the national telephone warning system used during an emergency

Are You Ready?


A site which is map-based which provides information about fires, floods, storms, earthquakes, tsuanmis, hazardous materila incidents and traffic crashes.

Are You Ready?

Are You Ready>

A guide on the steps residents can take to prepare themselves and their homes for the bushfire season

Pets & Animals

Pets & Animals

It is vital that you include your pets in your emergency plans.

Building Protection Zone

Building Protection Zone

Information & Tips for your property
View more DFES info here

Factsheet #1

Smoke Management Factsheet

Burning of garden waste and wood fires can produce excessive smoke

Fire and Bushfire Safety (2016-17)#1

Fire & Bushfire Safety (2017-18)

Comprehensive publication of bushfire facts, tips and requirements.


Bushfire Information Contacts

Download Bushfire Information Contacts (PDF, 866KB)

Department of Fire & Emergency Services (DFES):
Information Line: 13DFES / 13 33 37

City of Kalamunda
Phone: 9257 9999
SMS emergency alerts: register here or phone 9257 9999

ABC News:
Local Radio: ABC 720 (and in larger emergency situations ABC 24 TV)

Bureau of Meteorology:
Department of Parks & Wildlife:
Join your local Bushfire Ready Group: (08) 9395 9816




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