Local Emergency Management Committees (LEMC)


 The City of Kalamunda has established a Local Emergency Management Committees (LEMC) for the district which is a requirement of the Council under the Emergency Management Act. Two or more local governments may combine for the purpose of emergency management.

Membership includes:    
    Chairman (appointed by the local government) 
    Local Government representative (if not chairman) 
    Local Emergency Coordinator (if not chairman)
A representative from each Hazard management agency, combat agency and support organisation in the local government district
Other members as determined by the local government such as community groups, industry, education, welfare, indigenous
Local Emergency Management Arrangements
The Act requires that a local government is to ensure that local emergency management arrangements are prepared and maintained for the local government district. The local emergency management arrangements contain the overarching emergency management arrangements relevant to that local government district.
The City of Kalamunda has local Emergency Management Arrangements, including a Local Recovery Plan. These documents are updated and tested a regular basis.
Managing Community Recovery
It is a function of local government to manage recovery following an emergency affecting the community in its district. Local emergency management arrangements are to include a recovery plan and the nomination of a local recovery coordinator.

For a restricted copy of the City of Kalamunda’s Emergency Management Arrangements, please contact the City of Kalamunda.

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