Home Fire Safety

Fire Safety at home

More than 1,000 fires occur in homes annually causing damage and costing people their lives. Many of these fires are accidental and preventable.

DFES recommend that you have a Home Fire Escape Plan and also ensure that all households have working Smoke Alarms.

In the Event of a fire

  • Crawl low under smoke
  • Assist or alert any people in danger, but only if it is safe to do so
  • Go to your safe meeting place, such as your letter box
  • Call 000 (triple zero)
  • Wait for firefighters to arrive
  • Do not re-enter a burning house under any circumstances

Home Fire Escape Plan

  • Know two ways out of every room
  • Decide where your safe meeting place is (outside your home)
  • Keep keys in deadlocks to escape quickly in the event of a fire
  • Provide alternatives for anyone with a disability
  • Consider an escape plan for your pets
  • Practise your plan with your family at least twice a year

DFES have produced a range of manual, guidelines and brochures to assist in getting your home safe.

DFES Home Fire Safety Fact Sheets

DFES Smoke Alarms Fact Sheets

For all life-threatening emergencies please call 000

For non life threatening situations, please contact the State Emergency Services on 132 500

For more information including the full range of publications on fire safety in your home please visit the Department of Fire and Emergency Services.


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