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Is Your Property Bushfire Ready?

As a measure to assist in the control of bushfires and pursuant to the powers contained in Section 33 of the Bush Fires Act 1954 (as amended), all owners and occupiers of land within the Shire of Kalamunda are hereby required on or before 1 November in each year, or within 14 days of becoming an owner or occupier of land if after that date, to comply with the requirements set out in this notice.

NOTE: Lighting of fires on your property can be extremely dangerous. To help reduce the risk, prohibited and restricted burning times are set according to seasonal conditions and may be adjusted.

Emergency Management SMS System: Have You Registered?

The Shire of Kalamunda has established an important new Emergency Management SMS System to help notify residents of the latest bushfire safety and emergency management information. REGISTER & VIEW MORE INFORMATION HERE

FREE 1-hour Information Sessions

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The Shire of Kalamunda hosts FREE 1-hour Information Sessions
on the Changing Bushfire Landscape in our Shire throughout the year for community groups, street meets and functions. HOT TOPICS INCLUDE:

  • Important fire notices and regulations
  • Asset Protection Zones (APZs)
  • Preparting your property now for the coming season
  • New Emergency WA website for latest information on bushfire incidents

For more information or to make a booking please contact the Senior Community Bushfire Safety Officer on 9257 9625 or email kala.shire@kalamunda.wa.gov.au

Bushfire Warning System

Download Bushfire Warning System Flyer (PDF, 760KB)
During a bushfire, emergency services will provide you as much information as possible through a number of different methods.

There are four levels of warning. These change to reflect the increasing risk to your life or property, and the decreasing amount of time you have until the fire arrives.
ADVICE: a fire has started but there is no immediate danger, this is general information to keep you informed and up to date with developments.
WATCH AND ACT: a fire is approaching and conditions are changing, you need to start taking action now to protect you and your family.
EMERGENCY WARNING: you are in danger and you need to take immediate action to survive as you will be impacted by fire.
ALL CLEAR: the danger has passed and the fire is under control, but you need to remain vigilant in case the situation changes. It may still not be safe to return home.

Residents who are at risk of bushfire need to keep themselves up to date and stay informed throughout the bushfire season. Listen your local ABC radio station. Familiarise yourself with the DFES website www.dfes.wa.gov.au and the DFES Information Line on 13DFES (13 3337).

Your surroundings could be your best information source. Stay alert to what is happening around you. If you believe you may be in danger, act immediately to keep yourself safe.

You may get an Emergency Alert

Emergency Alert is one tool used to warn communities of an emergency and should not be relied on as your only source of information. It is an additional tool used to alert people in a specific location where there is immediate danger.

All home phones, including silent numbers, are automatically registered to receive Emergency Alerts. Mobile phones are automatically registered to the customer address which may be different to where you live. Check with your service provider where your phone is registered to.

It does not replace the need to look after your own safety by monitoring local conditions, keeping up to date by radio, television, internet and information lines, and taking preventative action where possible.

Prepare.Act.Survive (P.A.S)


The most frequently asked question during a bush fire is "Should I stay and defend my property or go early?"  This is a question you and your family should answer before the start of the bush fire season.

If you have prepared your home prior to the bush fire season and maintained that level of preparation, and are physically and mentally prepared, your home may provide you with a safe option from which to stay and defend during a bush fire.

If you decide to go, do so early.  This is much safer than trying to make a belated dash escape on roads covered in thick smoke or fallen trees. Emergency vehicles are also in danger of being hit by other vehicles in thick smoke.

For more detailed information on how to make an informed decision, read and download information and tips or contact the Shire Rangers or visit the DFES bushfire website for further information.

View DFES publications - these include Prepare.Act.Survive (P.A.S), Manuals, Guidelines, Brochures, Bushfire Factsheets, Forms and Checklists.


Are You Bushfire Ready?

Website: http://areyouready.wa.gov.au/

The website includes a guide on the steps residents can take to prepare themselves and their homes for the bushfire season as well as easy to reference checklists on the recommended actions to be taken.

Emergency WA

Website: https://www.emergency.wa.gov.au/

Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) have created a site which is map-based which provides information about fires, floods, storms, earthquakes, tsuanmis, hazardous materila incidents and traffic crashes. Information displayed is sourced from:

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