Foothills Water Proofing Project

Expected Completion Date: 30 December 2018

About the Project

Retain, Reuse, Reduce!

As pressures on our water resources increase, and systems become fully allocated, new strategies are being developed to supplement natural groundwater resources and increase water availability. Managed aquifer recharge (MAR) provides a means to generate water supplies from sources that may otherwise be wasted. It can provide environmental, social and economic benefits. MAR involves recharging an aquifer under controlled conditions to store the water for later abstraction, or to achieve environmental benefits.

The City of Kalamunda received the 2018 Judges' Award for Excellence at the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) WA.


There injected aquifer water will be used during the summer months in the following ways:
• To provide a solution to the problem raised by the Hartfield Park Masterplan. Alternative, water sources be identified to ensure the long term sustainability of maintaining the site.
• To sustain water extracted from the licensed irrigation bores.
• Provide long term, sustainable water source for the future growth in participant numbers and playing surface area.

The Process

• Defining the need or problem that requires a solution
• Evaluate options
• Who owns the infrastructure
• Regulatory requirements
• Council presentation
• Engage relevant stakeholders
• Establish scope of works (satisfy MAR policy)
• Engage specialist (Hydrologist/Hydraulic engineer) to complete feasibility study

Hartfield Park Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) Project


The City of Kalamunda concluded the three year trial of the Hartfield Park MAR in 2017 with great success, consequently being awarded with the Australia Water Associations (AWA) Western Australian Innovating for Sustainability award (2017) and IPEWA Awards of Excellence (2018) for Excellence in a Water Project. The City’s project manager was also a finalist for the AWA Water Professional of the Year (2017).

Due The success of the 3 year trial the City now has full support from the Department of Water and Environmental Regulations to take the project to full scheme.

Over the next 6 months the city will be constructing a dedicated injection bore, with the inclusion of an extra activated carbon filter. These changes will double the current harvesting capacity from 6 litres per second to 12 litres per second.

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