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Alan Anderson Park was previously used for the disposal of inert waste, however a recent geotechnical study found indications of small amounts of general waste. The site was decommissioned as a tip-site more than 30 years ago and had been converted into a local park for passive recreation.

A geotechnical assessment by a consultant was undertaken in late 2015. The report identified the likely causes and made recommendations regarding the restoration of the site.

Community feedback was sought on the proposal and closed 31 March 2016.

Remedial and testing works were undertaken in August 2016, with the results provided to the Department of Environmental Regulation and the Department of Health for further consideration and advice.

Funding for the park’s restoration was confirmed in the 2017/2018 budget, and will see works get underway from April 2018.

Works will involve surveying, compaction of ground materials, a vegetation audit, installation of capping, earthworks and planting.

A timeline of the work schedule is below.


Preliminary works will involve surveying, mowing, brush cutting and removal of tree debris and dead branches.

Compaction works will include the use of heavy machinery to vibrate, compact and compress earth materials into position. To ensure all ground is sufficiently compacted, the existing playground must be temporarily removed. The playground will be reinstated once earthworks are complete.

Once compactions works are complete, a review of the existing vegetation will be undertaken including remedial works to salvageable plants.

From late May, the site is expected to be ready for capping to be installed. The capping is a geotextile material, which will be secured into place with heavy machinery.

Revegetation is expected to commence from August 2018, when the weather conditions are optimal for plant survival. Revegetation works will include the use of grass stolons and fertilisers.

The park is expected to be re-opened for use in early 2019, once the park has received final approval for use. 

Works will be undertaken between Monday and Friday, from 7am to 6pm.

For the community’s safety, the work area will remain off-limits until all construction works are complete and the park is officially re-opened.

The City of Kalamunda would like to thank the community for their contribution to the Alan Anderson Park reinstatement project.

8 February 2016: Alan Anderson Park Restoration [read media release here...]
18 August 2016: Alan Anderson Park Works [read media release here...]
8 November 2016: Alan Anderson Park Update [read media release here...]
July 2018: Restoration works at Alan Anderson Park are nearing completion. The restoration works include heavy compaction of the site to avoid future undulations or sinkholes, and placing a geotextile fabric and a capping layer to encapsulate any asbestoscontaining materials.
The ground at Alan Anderson Park has already been compacted using an impact roller. Impact rollers provide deep compaction and are commonly used for restoration of old landfills.
Works to complete the capping layer earthworks will be completed in August 2018. Finally, planting of grass stolons will be done in Spring, when the weather is optimal.
Once restoration works are complete the City will request authorisation to open the park again to the public. It is expected residents will be able to enjoy the restored Alan Anderson Park in early 2019.

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