What Can I Do?

What Can I do?

There are many things that can be done around the home to reduce the amount of water your household uses. These range from low cost actions like fixing leaking taps, installing a water efficient showerhead or simply using a bucket to catch the rinsing water from your washing machine to put onto your garden.

The links below give more information for what you can do to save water in your home and improve the water quality of waterways in your area.

Living Smart Resources for Reducing Your Water Use

These Living Smart Resources on the Department of Transport Active Transport website provide lots of useful advice on how to make your house and garden more waterwise.

Waterwise Tips for Your Home and Garden

These brochures and posters provide some good ideas on what you can do in your household to save water and protect waterways. Printed copies are available from the Shire on request.

Check out the Water Corporation Website - Find out when your Water Days are and view other tips on saving water in your garden and household

Reuse Your Household Greywater on Your Garden

Household water that comes out of the washing machine/laundry, shower and washbasins may be reused on your garden. This greywater is now recognised as a valuable resource, allowing you to keep your garden green without using up our precious drinking water. Water from the toilet or swimming pool, however is not suitable for reuse, without more involved levels of treatment.

Shire of Kalamunda’s Environmental Health services’ guidelines for greywater reuse may be found here.

Water Efficient Showerheads

The Water Corporation’s Showerhead Swap program allows residents of the Perth metropolitan area to exchange up to two old water-guzzling showerheads for highly efficient replacements at no cost. Visit their website to find out more.

Volunteer to Protect Waterways

Join a volunteer Friends group to protect a local reserve along a waterway. Planting native species along waterways helps control erosion, protect water quality, maintain or improve biodiversity and provide habitat for native animals and birds.

See Water Quality Monitoring and Catchments section - these maps can help you find which waterway(s) is close to your home.

Plants for Residents Program

Every year the Shire provides free plants to its residents on a giveaway day that happens in June/July. The aim of the program is to promote the revegetation of residential and rural properties with local native trees, shrubs and groundcovers. View more information here

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