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All living plants and animals require water to survive. Since the mid 70’s the south western region of Western Australia has suffered a decline in rainfall (Department of Water). This has been most prominent in the late autumn and winter months and has resulted in a 50% reduction in stream flow. Stream water flow provides our dams with the water we drink and in some cases such as in the Perth Hills, it also provides water for use on our gardens, as bore water is not available. Regardless of whether you use scheme, ground water or a combination of both, it is everyone’s responsibility to be waterwise, as the reduction of rainfall effects the entire water cycle and water availability.

View the Water Cycle - an interactive presentation provided by the Water Corporation

Being Waterwise is the use of practices that help us to conserve water. These practices can be achieved in the home and garden with little or no affect to our lifestyle and there are multiple benefits from doing so. Check the Water Corporations website for more information on;

Waterwise Council

The Water Corporation and Department of Water, with support from ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI - International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives), launched the Waterwise Council program in 2009. The aim of the program is to build a co-operative working relationship with local governments to improve water use efficiency and that of the community. The Shire of Kalamunda was endorsed as a Waterwise Council in April 2010, and has continued to be re-endorsed every year.

The annual re-endorsement process requires participating councils to demonstrate they are continuing to improve the water efficiency of their operations. Shire of Kalamunda has demonstrated its progress through completing actions from its Water Action Plan and Water Conservation Plan (2007/08), progressing through the ICLEI Water CampaignTM  milestones and by relevant officers undertaking training in Waterwise Gardening and Irrigation and Water Efficiency Auditing.

For more information on Waterwise Councils, see the Water Corporation website.

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