Water Quality Monitoring

The Shire resides in the upper catchments of the many waterways which feed into the Canning and lower Swan River systems.

To obtain a ‘snapshot’ of the health of its waterways, and to be aware of the quality of water leaving the Shire entering other local government areas, the Shire collects and analyses water from 9 sampling sites at regular times each year. 

A draft Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP) was completed in September 2011, to outline the methods, sites and other details of the Water Quality Monitoring program and provide a consistent reference to guide the ongoing program. The SAP was approved by Department of Water (DOW), meaning the data collected is considered of a suitable standard to be added to DOW’s WIN database, which is publically available.

To view an overarching map of catchments found in the Shire; click here

For individual catchments please click on the following;

View a list of the waterways found in the Shire of Kalamunda

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