Water Campaign

The Water Campaign™ is coordinated by the ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI - International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives), and is an international freshwater management program providing a series of structured Milestones for local governments to reduce their water consumption and improve water quality in their area. The milestones support waterwise behaviour in both Shire of Kalamunda’s own operations and in the local community.

Shire of Kalamunda has been involved in the Water Campaign™ since August 2004 and completed Milestone 5 in October 2012.

The five milestones are as follows;

  • Milestone 1: Conduct a water consumption inventory and analysis for Corporate and Community consumers. Produce a water quality checklist;
  • Milestone 2: Develop water goals in four action areas;
  • Milestone 3: Produce a Water Action Plan;
  • Milestone 4: Undertake implementation of the Water Action Plan, assessment and reporting  of the quantitative and qualitative benefits resulting from the implemented  actions; and
  • Milestone 5: Review and evaluate Council’s progress in the Water Campaign™.
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