Skip Bins

The City of Kalamunda provides skip bins for residential bulk waste collection within the city.  Please note that collection days and frequencies have remained unchanged.

How to Order a Skip Bin

CLICK TO ORDER A SKIP BIN ONLINE HERE OR Telephone: 9449 3332 (Monday - Friday: 8:30am – 5:00pm)


Skip Bin Order Enquiries
Call Cleanaway Services on 9449 3332.

Skip Bin Information

The skip bin service is an on-request service. Residents can select from either a general waste bin (blue) or green waste bin (green). Households are entitled to any combination of three skip bins per financial year (excludes commercial and industrial premises). Both the general and green waste skip bins are 3 cubic meters.
Households that meet the following criteria are entitled to additional green waste bin(s) only, to assist with bush fire management.

  • One additional green waste bin is available for properties 2000m2 – 5000m2
  • Two additional green waste bins are available for properties over 5000m2
Green Waste General Waste
Skip Colour: GREEN Skip Colour: BLUE

The green waste bin is designed for Green Waste only. The plant waste in the bin is not to stick up over the top of the bin.
Please note the following:

  • No sand
  • No lawn
  • No coppers logs
  • No sleepers
  • No rubbish
  • No plastic bags
  • No recyclables
  • No furniture
  • No demolition material – building & timber

The blue skip blue is for General Waste. The general waste in the bin is not to stick up over the top of the bin.
Please note the following:

  • No builders waste including – bricks, pavers, sand, concrete and tiles
  • No lawn sod
  • No mattresses
  • No white goods including fridges and freezers
  • No Asbestos
  • No Hazardous waste (Chemicals or medical waste)
  • No liquid waste of any kind
  • No car parts including tyres

Delivery Information

Residents can select between a weekday and weekend delivery. Please inform Cleanaway of your preference when ordering the skip bin.
Weekday Delivery: normally* skip bins will be:

  • Delivered Monday and collected Wednesday
  • Delivered Tuesday and collected Thursday or,
  • Delivered Wednesday and collected Friday

Skip bins will remain on your property for one evening and one day.
Weekend Delivery: normally* skip bins will be;

  • Delivered Thursday or Friday and collected Monday the following week

Skip bins will remain on your property for 1 evening and 2 - 3 days, depending on the delivery day.
* Delivery or pickup dates may be adjusted to meet operational and logistic requirements, however the duration on your property will not be less than what is indicated above. Please note there is increased demand for weekend skip bins and waiting times may apply. To avoid disappointment, it is recommended residents contact Cleanaway 2-3 weeks prior to your desired delivery date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are residents able to actually book dates?
Yes. Residents can contact Cleanaway on 9449 3332 or order a skip bin online here.

What are the operating hours of Cleanaway for our residents?
Monday - Friday between 8:30am – 5:00pm.

What size are the skip bins?
Capacity: 3m3 | Length: 2.4m | Depth: 1.2m | Height: 1.0m
Please ensure that you measure the larger items to ensure they will fit (without going over the fill line). If you go above this line the truck will not be able to safely lift the bin. If this occurs you will be asked to remove the extra items from the bulk bin within 24 hours.
If you can’t fit the items in the bulk bin please call Cleanaway Services on (08) 9449 3332.
Additionally there are some bins available for people who have previously had difficulty loading heavy items into the bins with an opening door arrangement.

How long will the bin be on my verge for?
Refer to the Delivery Information for full details

Will larger lot sizes still be eligible for additional bins?
Yes. Cleanaway have the list of all larger properties and are able to arrange this directly with the resident. Properties that receive the extra allocations are for Green Waste bins only. Refer skip bin information for full details

When will my skip bin be delivered?
Skip bins are delivered between 6am and 6pm

My bin was delivered and it still contained waste, why?
Due to logistical constraints some skip bins may be delivered to your property containing waste. Please be assured all skip bins delivered containing waste will be emptied on the same day as delivery and will not impact on your time to fill the skip bin (all residents will receive 48hrs from having an empty and usable skip bin).

Can I accumulate skip bins if I don’t not use any or all of my allocation within the financial year?
No. All households are entitled to 3 skips bins per financial year unless they meet the criteria specified in the skip bin information section for additional green waste skip bins. If your household does not use any or all of the quoted allocation it cannot be carried over to the following financial year.
view skip bin information

Will penalties apply for heavy / contaminated bins?
If a bin is too heavy to lift, contains contamination or has materials above the safe fill line the bin will not be collected. All residents have an opportunity to remove prior contaminated waste before further action will be taken.

How do I know how much waste I can place in my skip bin?
All skip bins have a clearly definable ‘top rail’. For health and safety reasons waste must not be filled above the top rail.
In the event the skip bin is over filled, Cleanaway will leave a card in the letter box requesting the removal of excess items within 24hrs, so the skip bin can be safely removed.

What can I do with large, bulky items that don’t fit in the general skip bin?
Items that are no longer of any use can be broken down so they fit in the skip bin. However residents are encouraged to on-sell or reuse suitable items that may have ‘life left in them’. If you believe certain items may be of benefit to others, consider recycling them. See our recycling section.

What happens if my property does not have a verge?
Residents who do not have a verge, in most cases will still have access to the skip bin service. The skip bin will need to be placed within your property boundary. Cleanaway will visit your property and assess the best location for your skip bin. Please note a disclaimer form will need to be signed.
For residents who have previously engaged this service, the City has documented your previous drop-off locations. This information has been passed on to Cleanaway and skip bins will be placed in the same location.
Due to geographical constraints it may not be possible to place a skip bin either on your verge or property. As such residents are entitled to a credit as highlighted in the fees and charges.

Is there any difference in the items that can be placed into the bins?
The waste in the skip bins is not to stick up over the top of the bin.
GREEN: Green Waste ONLY.
BLUE: General Waste.
See the skip bin information for full details

What will I do with sand and soil?
Sand and soil is to be disposed of at Red Hill Waste Management Facility. Sand and soil is classed as general waste and does attract a disposal fee, however this is dependent on the size of the load.

What will I do with bricks, tiles and building rubble?
Residents can dispose of bricks, tiles and building rubble at Walliston Transfer Station for free with proof of identification.

What will I do with white goods and mattresses?
Residents can drop off their white goods and mattresses at Walliston Transfer Station for free with proof of identification. Alternatively white goods and mattresses can be collected from a residential address for a fee for members of the City only.

What will I do with e-waste?
Residents can drop off e-waste at Walliston Transfer Station for free with proof of identification.

What do I do with household hazardous waste (including Asbestos)?
Bulk collection services has never included the disposal and removal of household hazardous waste. Refer to our disposal of hazardous waste section.

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