Cleanaway began providing skip bins, residential waste and recycling collection services in the Shire as of 1 October 2016
Residents' waste and recycling collection days and frequencies will remain unchanged.

Each household is provided with:  

Residents are to place their Waste Bin and Recycle Bin out on the verge for collection before 6am.
Weight Limit: Bins are not to exceed 68kg.

Useful Contact Numbers

Household services:  
New/Damaged/Stolen Bins: Cleanaway –  Tel: (08) 9449 3332

Bin Collection Dates

Find out when your next bin day or recycling day is here or use the search option below

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Bin details for entered address are displayed on the right hand side (as shown on image below).


Noise Management

A draft Noise Management Plan has been proposed for the noise impact from pre-7am works carried out by the Shire of Kalamunda and how it will be managed and minimised. Plans have been prepared for footpath sweeping, road sweeping and litter bin servicing.

Location of receptacles (bins)

An owner or occupier of premises shall -
(a) at all times keep the lid of the receptacle closed except when depositing rubbish or refuse or cleaning of the receptacle
(b) except for a reasonable period before and after collection time, keep the receptacle on the premises and located -
    (i) behind the street alignment and not so as to be visible from a street or public place; or
    (ii) in such other position as is approved by the Manager Health Services;
(c) place the receptacle within 1 metre of the edge of the carriageway adjacent to the premises, but so that it does not obstruct a foot path cycleway or other carriageways;
(d) ensure that the premises is provided with an adequate number of receptacles.

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